Our proactive approach to IT support means that many problems can be resolved before you suffer any downtime, ensuring computer networks and services are kept working at all times. N3tAfrica will provide IT support in accordance with Industry Standards such as ITIL, Microsoft Operations Framework and Microsoft Solutions Framework. Annocoms has a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals and a set of operational competencies that form the underpinnings of its competitive advantage.

IT support can be different from one business to another, but some of the functions that we will do for you are:


What is
IT Support?

As we know IT is mainly interpreted as computers, and the technologies that complete the term IT, which include computer software, computer hardware and programming languages is forgotten. From 1958 till today IT has progressed and evolved to completely new and modern technologies, such as: web technologies, hand held devices, bioinformatics, global information systems, knowledge base’s and cloud computing.

When we put two words together IT and Support, we are getting new meaning of professional help with your IT equipment. As a business you should always have a good professional IT Support provider. IT provides businesses with four sets of core services to help execute the business strategy: